Thursday, April 8, 2010

Home Study Done!!!

Email from Cindy today:

Hi Russ and Heather,

Your home study is now completed and is ready to be mailed.  I will drop it off by the post office on my way home.  This has been a long haul.  Thank you for being patient.


Thank you Cindy!  We're getting closer to seeing the sunrise in Africa!  God is good.


  1. Is this picture from Lion King? BTW ... I'm being asked to post this under some kind of account ... we'll see if it figures out who this really is that's posting :)

  2. oh, it made me log in. so much for annonymity ... heather should have never sent me this blog. your readers are no longer safe :) ...

  3. post as many comments as you like. It makes me feel important to have comments on my blog.