Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Septic System and an Old Apple Tree

Installing a new septic system is really, really cool if you're a kid. To have a backhoe and men working all day in your backyard is quite fascinating. They dig holes and even create huge piles of dirt for you to play in. It really makes for a great week. If you're an adult, most of the above doesn't quite trigger the same reaction. In fact, as an adult, you generally view each of the above as negatives rather than positives. Men digging with backhoes piling up dirt in your backyard does not create the same sense of glee that Eddie Joe and the Big Fella are experiencing right now as they play outside. That's a clear difference between kids and adults. They enjoy change, we don't.

The only thing as good as playing in the dirt is climbing the favorite apple tree.  It's the most popular tree in the neighborhood.
Here's a picture of Sunshine, T-bird, and Rye Bread climbing that same tree about five years ago....
Thanks for planting that tree Dennis!  Not only does it produce great apples, it produces happy kids!


  1. I was going to ask who sold you that house with a bad septic system, but I guess if must have been the guy who planted that tree. I guess you don't mind mowing under it like he/we did.

  2. Reminiscent of the Osceola "dirt company" years ago.

  3. At least I get the credit for something.