Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I-600A Form - In the Mail!!!

Today we mailed the I-600A form to the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services).  The form is mailed to "The Lockbox" (whatever that is) in Dallas, TX.  In case you're wondering what the I-600A form is, I'll give you the clear guidance straight from the USCIS website.  Listed under the "purpose" of the form, it says (and I'm not making this up):
For adjudicating the qualifications of the applicant(s) as prospective adoptive parents
 I don't think they could have been any clearer on the purpose of the form.  The government has it's way of ensuring even a simple thing, such as a form "purpose," is confusing.  In everyday English, the form serves as a pre-approval to adoptive parents to bring an adopted child from a specific foreign country back to the US.  A copy of the home study and, of course, money accompany the I-600A.  Then we will get an appointment to be fingerprinted by the FBI.

Once we get approved by the FBI, they will signal their approval by sending us the form called:
  • I-171H - Notice of Favorable Determination Concerning Application for Advance Processing of an Orphan Petition

I don't know what happens after that. I guess I'll have to consult the clear guidance given on the USCIS website.

On other fronts, the septic tank work is done! I don't think they spared a single blade of grass in the backyard. That's OK though, it's done!


  1. Nobody called and asked me about you guys ... good thing, eh?

    I rejoice with you all. You passed the reading and following directions portion of the exam as well, which was actually 95% of the approval process.

    Oh, and thanks for filling me in on the Home Study. I was wondering if the gov't was on the same program reviewing Charles Stanley or some marriage Bible studies ... but I've now got my mind wrapped around the gov't use of Home Study as in not the act of studying while 'at home or in a home', but the more obvious use of the actualy study 'of the psychological and socialogical review of a home or home envirnoment'. Which is not to be confused with the building code references to 'home study', which of course leans to the 'study of the actual physical structure of a home, as in the design and material consturct of a home dwelling.

    I hope I've cleared that up for any future readers.

    I hope you have the abiltiy to remove certain postings ... :)

  2. Rich -
    Always good to add some "Holdrege humor" to the blog.

  3. You guys have been busy, busy, busy. Can we come over and play in your drainage field?
    (I've always wanted to say that to someone.)
    We have some trucks and clothes that we need to muddy-up!
    Can't wait to rock the worship Sunday Morning with you!

  4. Layner -
    You're the best. Your kids can always play in my drainage field. I'd love to see Kayleeto get muddy!