Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Blog!

Friends of ours started a blog today.  They should have started it about 20 years ago since they have so much wisdom and life experiences to share.  (I guess they couldn't have started a blog 20 years ago since that was before Al Gore invented the internet.)

You can check out their blog at:

Please go check out their blog and pray for them.  They are in the midst of the all of the events currently surrounding adoptions in Russia.  They are being pulled back and forth each day with ever changing news regarding their pending Russian adoptions.  They are currently in the process of adopting three non-siblings from Russia - adding to a family of nine kids.  This is a feat beyond the capacity of normal human beings.  But God continues to show His strength and limitlessness through their lives as He displays His compassion and mercy for orphans.  They are indeed a beautiful family.


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