Friday, April 16, 2010

Two Revisions

Brandi at AGCI worked through our dossier and home study today and found two minor items that need correction.  In one of our application letters we stated a 2-4 year old girl, but in our home study we stated a 2-5 year old girl.  And in one of the reference letters, written by one of our friends (nicknamed Rusty because he looks like Brad Pitt), it didn't specifically state that we were adopting from Ethiopia.  So his letter has to be revised.  Of course, both revised documents need to be notarized so we will head off to see Nancy at Siouxland Federal Credit Union....again!  Here's a picture of Nancy - Thanks for all your help!

We will then mail the two revised documents on Monday and we will then be on the waiting list!!

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  1. Praise the Maker of heaven and earth! We stand with you... we fall on our knees with you... and we will stay with you throughout the process. Let the adventures begin in His glorious name!

    The Reynolds