Sunday, May 30, 2010

Video: AGCI Faces of Adoption 2009

Another video from AGCI.  This one highlights many of the children adopted during 2009 through AGCI.  Note the many different AGES and many different COUNTRIES highlighted in this video.

So, if you're older (like we are) and don't feel led to adopt an infant, keep in mind that there are many, many, many children in the 2-15 year old range available for adoption from many different countries.

These kids need homes just like orphaned infants need homes.  And the sad part is that they age out of the system once they hit age 16.  That means they become twice abandoned.  Once by family when they became an orphan and once by the orphan system when they are sent out on their own.

Enjoy the video.  Pray for the children still in orphanages.  Feel the tug of your heart.

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