Monday, May 31, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Ayers and a Busy Weekend

It's been a busy weekend.  I'll summarize, mainly through pictures to spare people from having to read my endless ramblings of aimless details that just seem to go on and on without any clear direction or purpose (you get my point).

Saturday started with lots of cleaning around the house to get ready for our friends the Ayers.  The Ayers are a family from the Twin Cities who took a half dozen of our youth on a missions trip last summer to Pearlington, MS.  They have since become good friends not only with our family but a number of other families in our church.

They traveled with us to two open houses on Saturday - both of which served a lot of food - of which I at a lot of (no surprise).  Here are some pics of us over at the Beaver's house.  We somehow missed taking pictures at the O's open house.

Here are the girls doing a lot of giggling.  It was pretty much that way all weekend.
(l. to r. Caitey, Alexa, Sunshine, Tessa - with a halo?, Ruthiey, and Lissie)

Here is a pic of their feet (this pic was harvested from Sunshine's camera and I have no idea what it means).  I'll leave it to the reader to figure out whose feet are whose (probably not grammatically correct - could use some help on that one).

After the long day of eating and eating some more, the Ayers spent the night at our house along with Caitey and Ruthiey.  (Caitey and Ruthiey apparently spend enough time with the Ayers to have nearly similar DNA with the family though there is no actual known relation.)  There were a total of 15 in our house and a lot of fun was had.  Tessa and Alexa came over for a while Saturday night too just to add to the noise.....meanwhile the adults went to bed.

Here's a pic of the Ayers clan (minus their oldest Courtney) taken after church.
(l. to r. - Geoffrey - smiling on the inside, Garrett, Gary, Corrie, Gigi, and Caleb)

After church we went to Five Guys to eat lunch with the Ayers and the Sowers - Ben is home from the Air Force Academy for three weeks!

There are no pics of Sunday afternoon because we slept.....for a long time.

Sunday night was perfect for S'mores on the fire in the backyard with the fam.

Today has been a beautiful day for:

 - relaxing by the pool (Eddie Joe's favorite)

 - and a little backyard golf action (The Big Fella always loves some time of sport)

At the end of a very busy weekend, it's good to reflect.  And as I reflect, I am extremely thankful for my family and our family is extremely thankful for great friends.  We are really blessed.  Busy-ness can sometimes drag us down, but can also recharge us as we remember what we're busy with.  God has truly showered our lives with many, many blessings.

After a few moments of quiet blogging, I gotta go.  It's almost time to start grilling.

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  1. Wow. Sounds like you had quite a busy weekend.