Monday, May 17, 2010

Castaway Kid

I finished a great book last night called Castaway Kid (click here for the Amazon link).  It was given out for free at the Christian Alliance for Orphan conference last month and is published through Focus on the Family.

The book is about a boy named Rob Mitchell who was left at an Illinois orphanage by his mom when he was three years old.  The first chapter is about this initial event and is very moving.  You can Google the book and read the first chapter online.

His initial abandonment occurred in the late 1950's when there was no foster system.  He ended up being raised in the orphanage until he graduated from high school.  This was the last generation of orphanage kids in the U.S.

The story follows his life, his struggles, his painful loneliness, and ultimately his relationship with Christ.  It is his relationship with Christ that finally allows the deep healing to begin.  It is a moving story and is highly recommended.  It helps to paint the picture, from a first-person point of view, of the pain and abandonment that an orphan suffers.


  1. Thank you for sharing.

    Thank you for caring for the orphaned, abandoned castaway kids of the world.

    I am the author of Castaway Kid, r.b. mitchell.

    And if I may share, emotionally powerful emails from around the world of wounded people finding Hope are being shared at:

    In Hope,


  2. Rob -
    I am honored to have you comment on our blog. Thank you for taking the time. Thank you also for writing your book. I appreciate your honesty and transparency as you shared your painful and motivational story. I'd love to hear more about Gigi and Nola and how they impacted your life. What an example of servants of Christ. I am also curious how you found our blog??

    Thanks again,