Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Contact with the Castaway Kid

After Rob Mitchell posted a comment on our blog, I replied to him with a comment on our blog.  Thinking he would never see the comment, I sent a message to him through his Castaway Kid website expressing thanks and appreciation for him sharing his story through his book.  I was surprised when he emailed back to me this morning.  I was also surprised with the news that he shared:

Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 6:50 AM
Subject: Castaway Kid thank you

Our 23yr old son, Luke, is fighting Leukemia.  www.caringbridge.org/visit/lukemitchell2009

He is winning but some days are difficult.

So yesterday, in the hospital for massive amounts of chemo, I was just surfing the web under Castaway Kid and found your posting.

Thanks for caring.

And as you feel led, maybe post your thoughts about Castaway Kid on your favorite book buying website, Amazon.com etc..

In Hope,


PS: Emotionally powerful emails from around the world of wounded people finding Hope are being shared at:

So here was someone who had great childhood struggles and yet was preserved by God's hand.  Through the difficult storms of being orphaned, God was there.  Always guiding, always loving.  And ultimately gave him a loving family.

Now he and his family are struggling because his son has leukemia.  These are the hard questions of life. How can a man with such a difficult childhood have a child with leukemia?  These are the questions that Job struggled with (and his friends).  And yet we have an Anchor that is sure, a King that is on the throne, a Father who is always loving His child.  He is our Rock.  To Him alone we cling.  We walk in faith.

I encourage you to check out their journal on their son's website.  I encourage you to read his book.  And if you have read his book and were moved, send him an email and let him know at rob@rbmitchell.com.

It has been exciting to meet so many wonderful people since we started to be pursued by adoption.  I can't imagine the people we have yet to meet.


  1. Let us know if and when your review is posted on Amazon.

  2. I posted a review on Amazon about the book last night. You can check it out. It was my first time to put a review on Amazon so I'm not sure whether I did it right or not!