Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baseball, A Visitation, and Fingerprinting

The Big Fella finally got the phone call he's been waiting for.  He's been waiting for Coach Jessie to call.  He knew when Coach Jessie called, he would find out when baseball practice starts.  Coach Jessie called Tuesday night.  The Big Fella was ecstatic.

The Big Fella is 7 and is in coach pitch this year.  No more T-ball for him.  Tonight was his first practice.  He hasn't stopped talking about it for days.  Heather found an old pair of baseball pants of an old pair of cleats from the collection Rye Bread and T-bird have left behind.  He wore them all afternoon and while eating supper, anxiously awaiting practice.  We have some busy weeks ahead with two in two different baseball leagues now.

I attended a visitation at a funeral home tonight for a co-worker who died last weekend under tragic circumstances.  Very sad.  Very sobering.  He was a great guy.  What a reminder of the darkness of death.  The sureness of the passing of this life.  I was at the visitation while Heather took The Big Fella to baseball practice.  After the visitation, I quickly headed home to change and then to help with practice.  What a contrast to leave a visitation where death is so tangible, so present, and then go to a baseball field full of 7 and 8 year olds running around in life and laughter.

Heather and I head to Omaha tomorrow morning to have our fingerprinting done by the FBI for our adoption.  It's been fun to read about others recently getting their FBI fingerprints done (The Gitlins).  And another family who just recently joined our blog as a follower.  They are fellow AGCI'ers who are following a very similar timeline with us.  Accepted by AGCI on nearly the same date, adopting from Ethiopia, and also have their FBI fingerprinting done tomorrow - in Illinois.  They are the Uchereks (check them out at God etched your name on our hearts).  And of course The Beavers and their three oldest are going to be fingerprinted next month. 

After our fingerprinting is complete, I will likely blog tomorrow from some cozy coffee shop at Village Pointe in Omaha while Heather does some crazy clothes shopping - she's got that look in her eye.  But for me, I'll have a scone and some coffee....just need the Hofers there to make it complete!

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