Friday, May 7, 2010

John Piper's Message on Serving the Fatherless

The message Dr. Piper gave on orphan care at the Christian Alliance for Orphan Summit VI is now posted on the Desiring God Ministries website.  The message takes a look at the reality that whatever we do, including serving the needs of the fatherless, there may be suffering involved - we are not guaranteed success.  Our hope is in Him, not in the comfort of this world (that is much easier to type than to live!).

Here's a quote from the message:
The great challenge of adoption and orphan care ministry is to cultivate a death-defying passion for God above all things. A faith that rests in him whether living or dying, whether comfortable or miserable, whether successful in our orphan care or not. Our aim is to cultivate and spread the unshakable confidence that God is better than what life can give us and what death can take from us.
Here's the link to the message on the DGM website:  What Does It Mean to Live by Faith in the Service of the Fatherless?  DGM makes all of these available for free.  You can listen, watch, or download the message.

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