Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunshine in San Antonio

Our Sunshine headed to San Antonio today for her High School choir trip.  They are riding on buses all night and then arriving tomorrow in San Antonio.  They plan to hit the Alamo soon after they check into their hotel.  On Saturday, they will sing at Six Flags in the morning and then spend the day at the park.  Sunday they will go to Sea World.  After a full day at Sea World, they will leave straight from the park and drive overnight to get back home.  They arrive home some time on Monday afternoon.  What a trip!  I cannot imagine how tired the adults traveling with the kids will be.

We miss her much.  It was very quiet at the supper table tonight!  Hmmmmm, I wonder why that was??  Send Sunshine a text and tell her you miss her!  We love you girl!!!

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