Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rye Bread`s Random Ramblings

        OK, so I decided to post something. I was determined to blog yesterday, but, I was a bit distracted by school, going to the park in the afternoon with some families we know, including: the Reynolds, Henns, and Drurys, plus  T-bird`s baseball game that night(which was awesome! IT WASN`T COLD!!!). Sunshine didn`t have school yesterday, so it was fun being with her. The park was a lot of fun. We had a kickball game, which is always fun. The score was 6-3. I think we were all pretty confident heading out on the "field" with Janie(from their blog, Unto Him We Live) as our leader. It was quite the game! T-bird`s baseball game was a lot of fun! I think the team was pretty excited about the win. The team is now 2-2-1. I`m sorry if I am boring you. You`ve probably already read about the baseball game in one of the previous posts. I`ll try to persuade my dad to blog about the lawn epidemic. That will probably be a bit more exciting. Well, that`s all for now. Have a great day!!!

                            --Rye Bread

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