Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun

I'm still trying to figure out the quickest way to get pics from my camera to my blog.  I found the Export feature of Picasa that I think I finally figured out.

So, with my floundering blogging skills continuing to improve at an ant's pace, I present some more pics from our recent trip to St. Louis:

If I were President, my first Executive Order would be......

Sunshine:  Every night is movie night!

Rye Bread:  Summer will last for 11.5 months (allowing for a 2 week Christmas break)

T-Bird:  I first need to make a list of all my potential Executive Orders and then analyze them all

The Big Fella:  All video games, all the time

Eddie Joe:  Everyone gets a special stuffed animal to sleep with

Other fun pics:

 Yes, your honor, it was my Father who ate the last Blue Bunny Chocolate Champ Cone!

The Mississippi River was pretty full!

Dad, we're hot!

Fireworks in the driveway - with Dad chillin' on the porch (it's great when your kids are old enough to do all of the pyromania!)

And a few swimming pics from the YMCA indoor pool (it was cool and rainy outside)

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  1. That sounds AWESOME you guys!!! I think you all would make great presidents! (or not :-)) LOL

    ~Matty >^.^<