Saturday, July 3, 2010

Real Life Adoption Answers

Many questions revolve around adoptions that are done in third world countries - especially questions relating to mothers who give their children up because they cannot meet their children's needs.  The questions range from, "Should we just give the family money to raise the children rather than adopt?", "Should we meet the birth parents of the child we are going to adopt?", "Is it right to take a child from their birth country to the US just because the parents can't afford to raise the child?", "Is this fair to the child....and is it fair to the birth parents?"  And on and on.

These are all very legitimate questions, and there are probably many, many more that could be asked.  These are the types of questions that all of us who are in the process of adoption roll through our minds over and over again.  We struggle with the great tug we have in our hearts, but also with wanting to do what is best for the child's sake.

On this side of adoption, these are sterile, textbook questions without the context of an actual child or an actual birthparent's real story.  It's a story line without real characters, without real emotion, no taste, no smell.

Andrea, who is adopting through our agency, was in Ethiopia this week bringing home her new son Isaac.  She shares her very raw emotions as she describes her meeting with Isaac's birth-mom.  She takes it from the sterile, textbook world to one that has a real storyline, with real characters, real emotion.

Please read her post on Babe of My Heart.  Also take the time to check all her posts on her blog from Ethiopia this past week.  The pics are really moving.

Her post about meeting Isaac's birth-mom helps to answer some of the questions raised above, it helps to put perspective into the complexity of adoption questions.  In the end, we have to be obedient to what we believe God has called us to do.  Regardless of the cost, regardless of the questions that roll in our mind, regardless of what others think, we have to obey.  There is joy in obedience, there is joy in following His call.  I know that Andrea is overwhelmed with that joy as she is now home with entire family now.  Thanks for sharing Andrea.

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