Friday, July 2, 2010

National Orphan Sunday

National Orphan Sunday is planned for November 7, 2010.  I know, that seems like a long time away.  But I wanted to put a quick post about it anyway.

National Orphan Sunday is a great way to start sharing orphan-care concepts in your church.  The website (click here) is filled with ideas - including small group studies, bulletin stuffers, videos, etc.  There are many different concepts that can be shared, depending on how you see it unfolding in your local body.

Our church participated in National Orphan Sunday last year and that is when Heather and I were moved to adoption.  We certainly didn't go into the morning thinking we were going to be spoken to by God, but we were convinced following the service that this was what we should do.  God laid an excitement and a passion in our hearts that morning - and it has continued.

Please consider how your local body can participate.  Start sharing ideas now.  If you are interested in any additional ideas or opportunities, please contact us.  Also, if you have a story related to Orphan Sunday, please share it.

The entire morning at our church was organized and led by two amazing families - The Beavers and The Henns.  It was very moving to hear from families that live and walk what they believe - who share from their hearts what God has done through their families as they have defended the fatherless.

People in the orphan care blog world are passionate people.  Use your passion to spread the orphan care vision!

Psalm 68:5-6a
Father of the fatherless
and protector of widows
is God in His holy habitation.
God settles the solitary
into a home.

Here's the promo video for Orphan Sunday.  Enjoy it!

Orphan Sunday from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

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  1. Thanks for the great reminder... God uses us in ways we cannot even imagine. Just the smallest step of obedience in faith can have an impact that spans the globe... and touches a heart forever.

    Thank you for obeying His call!

    ~The Beavers