Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hepatitis A Shots...

           Today Sunshine, T-bird, and I received our Hepatitis A shots. The whole day we were all teasing each other about the shots. I think it was our own way of making ourselves less nervous.

   According to my dad, mine and T-bird`s "muscles" would make it hurt more. I, however, did not believe any such nonsense about muscles existing anywhere on my body. My dad is surely convinced about us having "serious pipes." I`m still not convinced.                              

   However, the moment came and went and no real pain was felt (maybe a bit by Sunshine as a few tears slipped down her face). Afterwords, there had to be some kind of reward. So, we stopped by the mall and got Starbucks and Hardee`s. We came home and took pictures.......

                                                  All of us very happy to be done!!!

                                                               And yet the pain!!!!!

                            --Rye Bread

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