Friday, July 16, 2010

One Less Orphan - Welcome Home Gitlins!

The Gitlins (click for their blog:  Our Hearts Are In Africa) got home today from Ethiopia with their newly adopted son who is soon to turn 4.  We had a lot of fun meeting them at the airport in Omaha tonight.  They had traveled for 27 hours from the time they left Addis Ababa until they landed in Omaha!  What a trip!  But they looked very refreshed, very excited.

We had only "met" the Gitlins through blogland and emails but wanted to meet them in person since they are somewhat local and we share (or are soon to share) the Ethiopian connection.  The Beavers also traveled to the airport along with the Crisses. 

It was a lot of fun to watch the entire Gitlin family welcome home their new little one.  We sure look forward to walking down the same airport hallway bringing our little girl home to meet family and friends.  We continue to pray for a referral soon!

So what makes a family travel around the world to adopt a little boy from a 3rd world country?  What drives a heart to make such an emotional, physical, and financial commitment?  Their blog shares how God has led them and God has provided for their every need.  As they rescued this former orphan and brought him into their family, it serves as a beautiful picture of God rescuing us - we who were formerly strangers and aliens.

Enjoy the pics!

And what could be better to top off the night than to have dinner with the Beavers at Cracker Barrel!!  We were really shocked when another waitress came up to our table and gave us $60.  She said it was given to us from an anonymous family at the restaurant.  We don't know who it was or why they gave it to us - but were thankful to God for the gift.  Here's a pic of the kids out in front of Cracker Barrel.  When the Beaver girls and Sunshine get together, there is a lot of laughter and a lot of fun!


  1. thanks for the invite. we were on vacation. i love me an airport welcome, that's for sure! what a joyous occasion. i would love to meet up with you in real life, given the connection with leanne and ethiopia. there's a yahoo group for ET adoptive families. email me at missydotkollaratuscmdotorg and i can get you hooked up with that. you can pass on the info to the others you know as well. we need to have a big gathering!