Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reflections on Haiti

It's funny how you "meet" people in blog world.  You start to follow their posts and before you know it, you feel like you connect with them.  This has been relatively recent for us since we officially entered blog world only last February.

Kari, at My Crazy Adoption, is one of those people whose blog we follow.  We have also been able to exchange a few emails with her and have been encouraged by her action-oriented view of orphan care.  She is not only is gifted in blogging about it, she takes action.  In fact, she left a day or two ago to head to Africa for 14 days to lead a group of people in orphan care work.  While she is gone, she has arranged for different guest bloggers to post for her.

Today's guest blogger is working in an orphanage in Haiti.  As I read through her post, it reminded me of the summer after my senior year in high school when I traveled to Haiti with several other high school kids and a medical group from my home town of Holdrege, NE.  The medical group traveled to Haiti each year to perform medical procedures for the poverty-stricken island of La Ganove near Port-Au-Prince.  Five of us high school kids came along to sing in the various churches and to experience the country.  We also had the opportunity during the day to help in the hospital or to plant trees.  After witnessing surgery first-hand, where the doctor showed me all of the internals of a human abdomen in great detail, I decided tree planting was a great way to spend my time during the day.

Some of the things that really stuck with me from Haiti?   The smell when we first got off the plane, the people that were everywhere, traffic flying at great speeds in all directions, the poverty that penetrated throughout the city, the conditions where people lived, the joy that was in the eyes of those who knew Christ.  These are some of the same thoughts I have as I think of traveling to Ethiopia.  And some of the things that I hope God uses to broaden the hearts and minds of our three oldest if they are able to travel with us.

Please take the time to read the post from Kari's guest blogger.  Pray for those in Haiti.  Ask God what you can do for His cause.

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