Saturday, July 31, 2010

Making Room for More

We are making ROOM FOR MORE! Our addition officially began this week. Our deck was removed and now we are ready to have a very big hole dug where the deck no longer sits. We have been working on addition plans since last November and weren't sure whether it would really ever happen or not. With problems lining up a good Contractor, it has been an up and down struggle (mainly up?) all the way.  I think we have our guy now and I think we are actually going to see some progress.

Incidentally, our Contractor also builds homes for Habitat for Humanity. So he normally builds homes for the poor and needy, but now is also providing some additional space for an Ethiopian orphan. That's building with a purpose!  His name is Bob - so he is the real "Bob the Builder."

Here are some pics of the deck de-construction. (Dennis, we had hoped to find treasures under the deck from the Hofer era, but as with everything else you do, it was neat and orderly under there! Just a lot of balls from the more modern era.)

We've had a lot of rain recently - hence one of the reasons for the slow construction progress. With rain comes an opportunity for kids to play in the puddles at the end of our neighbor's driveway. Even Sunshine joined in the fun....

The real highlight of the week came when our dear friend Miss Martha visited. We could write volumes and volumes on what she has meant to our family - God used her as part of the peace that calmed our storm when Eddie Joe was born. What a fun time we had with her here, lots of laughter and M & M's. On Friday she headed back to Fayetteville. As she left, we felt the icing of joy and love and fun that she brings leave with her also.


  1. AW i wish i could be there biking around your neighborhood
    we could go to the red park
    and we could see all of your fundraising friends!!!!
    sad i cant come out this year!!


  3. Thanks Horhay!!!!! Love you too!!!!!