Monday, July 26, 2010

Ethiopian Courts - Rain, Rain, Go Away

We found out over the weekend that the Ethiopian courts are accepting no more court appointments due to the beginning of the rainy season.  Court dates are now being scheduled during early October - two months away.  Looking at the bright side, knowing that the cup is half full, it's good that they are actually scheduling court dates.  That is better than waiting until the rainy season ends to start to schedule court dates.  For us, that means that if we get a referral soon, we could possibly travel in October for our 1st court appearance.  Since we are in the nebulous zone of waiting for a toddler, it could also be several months after that....or several months after that.

We also found out another piece of information today.  When we travel to Ethiopia on our first trip to visit our little girl, she will still not legally be our daughter.  Because of this, it sounds like they are not going to introduce us to her as her parents. We will not be able to express to her that we are her parents and she is our daughter.  This is to protect her since at that point we will not legally be her parents and if after being introduced to her as her "parents" and something strange happened where the legal system rejected us, she could be left orphaned for a second time.  I don't know exactly what it will look like when we visit her, but it certainly will be awkward expressing to her how we feel about her.  It is also heart-wrenching thinking about leaving her for several months before we return to bring her home.  In addition, it is likely that they will not give her the photo album we prepare for her until the court decision is complete.

The bringing together of an orphan and a family is really a strange thing.  It has so many levels.  On one level it is a legal relationship that is given the final approval by the Ethiopian and American legal systems.  Very cold and sterile.  On another level altogether, it is bringing a child into a loving home where emotions are highly engaged.  Emotions both for us and for her - probably far more for her due to the hurt she will likely be coming from and the many, many things she has to give up when she comes to America.  Our mind rattles these things around and we are reminded once again that we are resting in God.  It is in His hands - thankfully!


  1. Nice post, Dad. Can`t wait to bring her HOME!!!!!!

    --Rye Bread

  2. Thanks for sharing! We are experiencing some of the same thoughts as we eagerly wait for our referal of our child. It still amazes me that the toddler adoptions don't move more quickly. There's just so many "older" children in need of a home.
    Resting in HIS timing!

  3. I bet this is an EXTREMELY exciting moment for your whole family! We're praying for you guys! and very excited ourselves!

    ~Matty >^.^< ;-D

  4. Russ and Heather,
    Just wanted you to know I am praying for you all as you wait on the Lord for your new daughter. His timing is perfect! Love, Marcia