Sunday, July 25, 2010

So, is camping supposed to be tiring or relaxing???

We got home from camping today, unloaded everything and then sat down.  You can imagine what happened then.  Before the afternoon was over, I had taken two naps!!  Am I supposed to be refreshed or tired after a weekend of camping?  Well, after two naps, I am very refreshed.  So, I guess in the end, the weekend of camping was refreshing.

We are still "tenters" and are therefore pretty primitive.  Heather, Sunshine, and the two little guys had planned to spend the two nights at Mom and Dad's house in town (10 minutes from the campsite).  Rye-Bread and T-bird and I planned to spend both nights in the tent.  However, on Friday night, at 10:00 pm, it was still almost 90 deg.  So we bailed and headed for the A/C comfort of Mom and Dad's house.  Even though we wimped out, we didn't regret it at all.  It was great to enjoy the comfort of A/C, a bed, a shower, and Mom's cinnamon bread in the morning.  For the record, we wimped out, but we were happy wimps.  It was cooler on Saturday so we ended up sleeping in the tent that night.

Here some pics of our weekend.  Can't wait until there is another little girl to join us for family fun!

Mom and Dad brought supper for Friday night.  It was awesome!

There was lots of swimming.  Eddie Joe loves to swim and had a great time playing in the sand!

We enjoyed a late afternoon visit to a park in Fremont.  Two lovebirds on a park bench!
Sunshine loves taking pics of gazebos and lamp posts.  Here she got two in one shot!
Ice cream at Zesto's is a must!
Breakfast without Heather around means Cocoa Puffs and Fruity Pebbles for the boys!
Lovin' the nutritious breakfast!
Chillin at the campsite.