Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First a story then some pictures

Well, I got supper in the oven and now I get to finish my blogging.  (two things that I don't like to do - cook & write!)  Although while I was cooking supper - all these thoughts were flooding my mind that I wanted to blog about.  About our adoption story - that's still being written!  It started with Eddie Joe's bday - I'm going to post some pics after I'm done writing here.

  Our story began with wanting to have children after we were married.  I had a hard time getting pregnant.  After a couple of years of "trying" - the thoughts of adoption came to my mind - but I really didn't know if I would be able to truly love a child that wasn't biological.  Eventually, God gave us "Sunshine" through in-vitro fertilization.  Then 3 years later, God gave us twin boys - also using fertility treatments.  Another 6 years went by and God gave us a big surprise - the Big Fella.  We thought we weren't going to have any more children - but God gave us this gift without any medical intervention.  All three of those pregnancies were tough and I had to be on bed rest for the last trimester.  Sunshine was born 7 weeks early, the twins 3 wks.  When the Big Fella was 10 mths old - "surprise" I got pregnant with Eddie Joe (EJ).  Big Daddy & I were NOT happy!  Pregancy & I didn't mix very well! :-)  It took a while for us to "get over it" and rejoice in the blessing of God's perfect plan.  The day after we brought EJ home from the hospital - I dove down into the pit of despair.  Post-partum depression.  Not just the baby blues - it was the REAL DEAL!  I won't go into the details now - but I was VERY sick!  Friends of ours even had to take EJ and care for him for several weeks - because I couldn't.  (talk about humbling!!)  BUT God healed me - hallelujah! 

So - now do you see the miracle that God has done in my (our) hearts to want to adopt?!  All by God's amazing grace!!  I don't have any notions that adoption is going to be easy or that I won't go through any sort of "depression" after we bring our girl home.  But I do know that I have a BIG God and that He is faithful and will give us the strength we need to get through the trials ahead.

On to the birthday pics:
We had family gift time on bday eve
Sweet times w/ youngest & oldest
Fav. present - Woody!  Hard time telling them apart...
Then, on his actual bday - we had some dear friends over to celebrate!
Gum!!!  EJ's favorite!

Would you like some spit with your cake?
The women listening intently to Ta talk abt something VERY important..
While the men play with Pat's new phone!  I'm just sayin...

Me holding the Henns precious baby girl "Giggles"
EJ with one of his best buddies Megan!
School starts tomorrow for Sunshine!  She will be a junior at the public high school.  I have already started my homeschooling of the other four kiddos.  We wanted to get a jump start with (Lord willing) a few big breaks ahead with travel to ET and transition time with "Peaches".  Oh Lord - please bring her to us soon!

~ Bo  (Big Daddy's nickname for me for as long as I can remember)


  1. Bo,

    Thanks for sharing your story and your heart!

    We love all SIX of your children and we thank God for each of them. We also thank God for the healing of your infertility and the healing of your depression. He is a Physician who heals perfectly. We thank Him for His goodness to you and your precious family.

    Please give Eddie Joe 14 birthday squeezes from our family.

    BTW, our hope that we'll be traveling to Russia in the next few weeks to bring home our newest trio is based on responding to six additional documentation requests the past couple of weeks from THE judge in Russia. We hope a court date will follow VERY soon.

    The Beavers

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I had post partum depression as well, though not as severe as yours. I was concerned about post-adoption depression, but knew that God was calling us to adopt. When we brought home our boys 3 months ago, I did indeed get depressed. However, praise God, I am beginning to see the light at the end of this tunnel. God is faithful. If He calls us, He will equip us. I'm so humbled to call Him my Father. He will honor your obedience.

  3. AW E!!!!
    I wish i could've been there!!!!
    And u know why Tyler!!!