Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Construction & Birthday Fun

Ok - here we go - this is my (Bo) 1st post on this blog.  It won't be nearly as creative as when Big Daddy posts - but we want to update everyone and he is just too busy with work right now to mess with the computer.  Every other summer the plant where he works has what is called "Turnaround."  They do major maintenance projects that require him to work 12 hr days/7 days a week for about a month.  He still gets home at a decent time - 6:30ish but he is VERY tired and ready for bed by 9! 
Here are some photos of the construction that has been happening on our house addition.

Cement truck fixin to park on the front lawn and stretch out its crane 
Truck left HUGE ruts in the yard - its SO heavy!

Quite an amazing sight to see this going over the house!

Yes, they pipe the cement over the house & squeeze it out this thingy.

pic of the hole now with lite form framing it

        Another view - what a mess!!   
Now on to Eddie Joe's Birthday:
(I'm going to have to get to this a little later - having a 6 & 7 yr. old conflict that I need to tend to plus I should start supper!)  Big Daddy would have had this cranked out in about 5 minutes - but I am slow & am constantly asking for tech. help from my big 3 kiddos!

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