Friday, August 13, 2010

Maybe she saw our girl?

We received an email today through our AGCI email group from Jeannie Olivas (click here for her blog). The Olivas' were just in Ethiopia to pick up their 3 year old daughter (they are also adopting through AGCI). Jeannie also visited the Bethzatha orphanage where many of the AGCI children come from. When we read her email, we both got goosebumps thinking that maybe she saw our little girl, our little Peaches.

The closer we get to a referral, the more it really feels like our daughter is over in Ethiopia. Not just a little orphan girl for whom we feel connected on an emotional level. It really feels like this little girl, who we have neither met nor seen, is our daughter. The connection is growing deeper and deeper and our hearts are completely captivated.

Jeannie's email brought this all to a new level thinking that she quite possibly saw our little girl, which causes us to sense an even greater grasp of her reality.

Check out her email.....

From: Jeannie Olivas
Sent: Friday, August 13, 2010 1:10 AM
Subject: Re: [agci-ethiopia] referrals, o please?!!


When we were at the Bethzatha Children’s Home on July 29th we saw a ton of boys and girls ages 2-5, but very few infants. I’m thinking that your time is coming.
As a side note: when we were there, the children were being fed their lunch. Watching them pray was a heart-warming sight. Your daughter was probably one of those children.



  1. wow thats awesome!!!!
    even though im not related to her
    i'll have ANOTHER cousin
    that makes 33

  2. But you will be related to her!!!!!!!!!!! She`ll be FAMILY!!!!!!!!!

    --Rye Bread