Saturday, August 14, 2010

Maybe she's in these pics?

Jeannie from allofusonline sent us some pics that she took at the Bethzatha orphanage where many of the children adopted through AGCI are received from (see yesterday's post).  It is very possible that our girl is one of these in the pictures shown below.  (Although we're hopeful that she's already at Hannah's Hope awaiting final testing before being referred to us!)

But, whether she is in these pics or not, we still are praying for these beautiful children.  That they would be cared for, protected, and would be adopted soon by a loving family that can shower God's love upon their lives.

Looking through the pics, there are maybe only 15 or 20 children shown.  Each of these kids have been abandoned or relinquished by their parents.  They are lost and without security of a mom or dad holding them, loving them, providing for them.  They each have a story.  It is remarkable to look into each of their eyes and think of the hurt that they have already known - well before the time that their little hearts were ready to endure such pain.

And to think that these pics only show a dozen or more children at a single orphanage, and yet there are more than 4,000,000 orphans in Ethiopia alone.  To think how many pictures it would take to include all of them - to show each of their expectant faces.

Our favorite is the one where they are all praying with their hands over their faces at the table before eating.  Wow!

(You should be able to click on the pics to enlarge them.)


  1. It certainly is overwhelming and heartbreaking to think of the millions of orphans - and each one has his/her own painful story. I can't comprehend that large of a number! My husband and I have been studying photos from Bethzatha also, wondering if one of the children in them could be ours! Sure hope you find out about yours soon!

  2. Praying for your precious little girl. Loved looking at these pictures