Saturday, August 28, 2010

Op-Ed on International Adoption from the Washington Post

There is an excellent post on the Christian Alliance for Orphans website about an Op-Ed from the Washington Post on the topic of international adoption.  If you've ever had questions about the ethics of international adoption - specifically, bringing an orphan out of his/her culture to America - this article makes some great points toward the realities of the life these children are coming from.  It also points out what a great nation we live in, a nation that has at its core the notion that race and ethnicity are of lessor importance than the person living inside the skin.  We are a nation that declares itself the "melting pot."  A nation which has taken in immigrants for several centuries from all over the world.  International adoption is a small picture of our country's rich heritage of openness toward receiving those in need.

Here's one excerpt from the Washington Post article written by Mike Gerson:
International adoption has its critics, who allege a kind of imperialism that robs children of their identity. Simon responds, "We have adopted real, modern little girls, not mere vessels of a culture." Ethnicity is an abstraction -- often an admirable abstraction, but not comparable to the needs of a child living in an orphanage or begging in roving bands. Adopted Chinese girls are refugees from a terrible oppression -- a one-child policy that Simon calls "one of the great crimes of history." Every culture or race is outweighed when the life of a child is placed on the other side of the balance.
To read the Christian Alliance Post, click here.  To connect directly to the Washington Post Op-Ed article, click here.

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