Sunday, August 22, 2010

She's our little girl, though we haven't met her yet

As we continue to wait for our referral, we think daily about the fact that there is a little girl out there that is our little girl, even though we haven't met her yet.

She's Our Little Girl
~written by & humbly posted by Russ

She's our little girl
Though we haven't met her yet
Her face still unseen
Her hand still untouched
A distance still between us
Keeps our lives apart
But through this distance now a love
Grows within our hearts

She's our little girl
We pray for her each day
That God would be her Father
While we're still away
That He would love and comfort her
And rain upon her soul
His lovingkindness and His grace
To heal and make her whole

She's our little girl
Some day we'll bring her home
From pain and fear to love and care
Never again to be alone
We'll welcome her with loving arms
To help the hurt to heal
To be with us, to be one of us
To be a family.


  1. Who is the author of the poem? It makes me think of all of you waiting, caring, loving -- especially "we pray for her each day, that God would be her Father, While we're still away..." really to the end of that stanza. But then also that stanza makes me think of her, your little girl, apart from you, waiting for you to come to her and of God's gracious care over her.


  2. Thanks for sharing your heart, Russ! Your love for "Peaches" resonates in your poem.
    ~Mrs. Beaver for the tribe

  3. Russ this is very touching. What a powerful way to express your love to your babe across the world. We continue to pray for her and that the Lord would unite you quickly.