Monday, December 27, 2010

Look Development

My good friend Layne is flying out to Ethiopia today.  He is going with an organization called Look Development.  Look Development was started by a couple named Matt and Amanda whom Layne and his wife Tanya met in Ethiopia while adopting their two sons.  Matt and Amanda were also adopting and the two couples hit it off.

From what Layne and Tanya have described, Matt and Amanda have giving hearts, the kind that won't stand on the side and talk about needs, the kind that must get involved and meet needs - no matter how great the need is or how far they must go to meet those needs.

Look Development has teamed up with an Ethiopian couple to meet the needs of the poor and the orphans in Ethiopia.  I found this under the "About Us" section on their website:
“Whom shall I send and who will go for Us? Then said I, ‘Here am I, send me’” Is. 6:8

In faithful obedience to her Savior, one woman with few earthly resources said, “Yes, Lord, send me” when she witnessed the plight of the children around her. Not willing to see any child go hungry or homeless, Yemserach Tsegaye, along with her husband, Tesfaye, and her brother, Tesfa, has ministered to the poor and orphaned children of Adama, Ethiopia for 8 years. By earnest prayer, miracle after miracle has occurred to meet the children’s needs. It is now our privilege to join with our Ethiopian brothers and sisters in God’s work among the impoverished children of Adama and Shone, Ethiopia. It is our prayer that our obedience will be a life-changing blessing to those we serve.

Ethiopia has changed Layne and his family forever.  Because of God's calling on their lives, Layne will travel halfway across the world to help a school in the bush of Ethiopia, and his wife Tanya will support him by staying home, caring for their six children.  It is a beautiful sight to see the sacrifices they are willing to make for others.  The willingness to take the gospel and the light of the glory of Christ to those who walk in darkness.

The needs are great.  It is truly eye-opening to see families such as Matt and Amanda, and Layne and Tanya, open their hearts and their lives to the needs of the poorest of the poor.  Those that have no means to repay.  Those that are so easily left behind by society - and by the Church.

Please pray for them over the next 10 days as they are in Ethiopia - far away from even the small conveniences found in Addis Ababa - off in the bush of the Shone region.  Pray that they would be lights to those around them.  Pray that God would satisfy them daily - that He would be their Manna.  Pray that God would keep them safe.  Pray for Layne's family at home.  Pray that God would bring glory to Himself through these willing vessels.

Look Development has put together the video below to summarize the focus of their trip.  Take a moment to watch.


  1. It is great to catch up on some blogs--love reading of your court date and I am digging the pink room!! My girls' room has the same effect...only in yellow! :)

  2. Wow! So neat! Thanks for sharing about these families and this ministry!