Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Very Pink Sunshine

When we've picked colors for Sunshine's room in the past, we both said we would let her decide.  Of course, when she would pick a color we didn't like, we would just paint it the color we thought was best.  Thinking, she's much too young and the color she picked is way too bold!  So she would end up with a color she wasn't too excited about, but we thought it was the most practical.  That seemed fair.

With the addition to the house came a new bedroom for Sunshine.  With a new bedroom came a new opportunity for another paint color choice.  This time, the decision would be hers and hers alone.  It's hard to believe that she's 17, a junior in high school, and only a year and a half left in the nest.  I figured life is much too short to worry about whether or not her paint choice is practical or not.  It's time to let her express her boldness of paint color and for me to just be quiet and paint.  Or maybe grumble and paint.

Heather and Sunshine went first to buy a bedspread.  I'm told that's where it all has to start.  Apparently you can't just paint the walls blue and buy a blue bedspread and be done.  It is far more complicated than that.  You have to find the right colors, the right mood, make the right statement.  It has to represent who you are.  Now that I was informed about how the process works, I waited for the end product of being handed the paint color card so that I could head to Lowe's and buy the paint.

I found out that that doesn't happen right away.  It apparently takes a substantial amount of time to find the right bedspread so that you can find the right paint color so that you can make the right expression of who you are.  In fact, the amount of time to reach a decision on paint color in a girl's room is equivalent to the amount of time it takes to paint a bedroom for two boys, build lofts for the boys' room, move them into the room, paint a bathroom, build a deck, and move furniture into the new living room.

So with the paint card in hand, I gasped at the boldness of the color (which nearly burned a hole in my retina), and then headed to Lowe's to buy that color.  It was a lot of fun trimming out the searing pink color along all of the white trim in the room.  It took many, many hours of staring at this color and thinking, "Wow!  That's a bold color choice!"

In the end, I love to be able to finally let her have a room that is who she is.  Bright, pink, and a little loud.

(To avoid retinal damage, don't look directly at the picture.  Don't try to adjust your monitor.  Yes, it is that loud.)

And with the bed and the new bedspread (I'm told a white headboard, white nightstand, and white dresser are necessary).....

Sunshine also had a band concert last night.  It was her first band concert and the first time she had ever worn a band uniform.  She joined band this year (as a junior) having never played a band instrument.  The band director offered to let her join and she decided to play the flute.  Why did she want to join the band?  To be in the color guard of course (that's the flag team if you're old like me).  She's done a great job of picking up the flute considering she has only played it for about four months now.  She had a great concert and even got to play the piano on one of the songs.

Here's a pic of Eva (who started band as a sophomore last year) and her after the concert.

We love you Sunshine.  We love your brightness.  We love your pinkness.  We love your loudness.


  1. Love the fun PINK room! And love that ya'll have a court date! YAY!!!

  2. I feel your 'pain'. Been there... done that... for three sets of girls' rooms. In our case it also started with finding bedspreads all the girls in the room liked. One extra step...

    Oh well... we guys couldn't pick the colors as well so I guess we ought to just enjoy the outcome.

    Mr. Beaver

  3. Oh Katie!!!! :D
    Gosh I wish my family let me do that!!
    I first have to share a room with Noris and then get Allie's room which has creepy paintings and drawings on the walls.
    THEN i get Ben's room which has BRIGHT Husker red walls!!
    Katie, you are such a lucky girl!!!!
    I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

  4. PS Katie you might want to buy a sleeping mask!!

  5. Sunshine, it is beautiful!! How in the world are you going to sleep?!? Pink does describe you though, energetic, happy, sunshiny