Thursday, March 17, 2011

EMBASSY DATE! Ethiopia here we come!

We got the call today that we have an Embassy date of 3/24....that's next Thursday!!!!   We are double-checking with our travel agent, but it looks like we will be leaving on Monday morning....that's in 4 days.....Yikes!

In the next four days, we will be spending time with two different families who are coming in from out of town, going to the wedding of Tessa Beaver where I will eat a lot of Cassandra's cake, getting five kids ready for stay at the O's house, getting a dog ready to stay at the V's house, getting a fish ready for....(well we'll just fill his bowl up with food), getting Peaches' pink, pink clothes packed, getting us packed, bills paid, and so on.  (It should be noted that Heather will do most all of the things listed above....well actually she'll probably do all of those things....with the exception of eating a lot of Cassandra's cake...that's my job.)

We are so excited to be bringing our Peaches home.  We will be home with her 10 days from today...can that really be???

Please pray for the many details that still need to be worked out, pray that everything would go smoothly during our Embassy appointment, pray that everything would go well with the kids while we're gone.

Especially pray for Peaches' transition as she leaves what's become home for her, again.  She was taken from her home to an orphanage last July, then from the orphanage to Hannah's Hope in November, and now from Hannah's Hope to the U.S.  She will once again have to leave what's become familiar for her:  her friends, her "family," the food, the language, the smells, the culture, etc.  This will be a very difficult transition for her and pray that God's grace would flood her soul and that He would flood us with patience, love, and understanding as we begin this transition with her.

We are so thankful for our many family and friends and can't wait for everyone to meet her!


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. As we've moved through all the wedding hoopla since we first got your news, the WOW of God's grace in giving you an even-earlier-than-you-would-have-dared-to-expect embassy date has remained in our hearts. We are thrilled for you!!!

    Having watched our nine older adopted children process countless changes, you can count on our prayers for both Peaches and for you!

    May God richly bless you as you get the tremendous BLESSING of getting to travel to Ethiopia again. With every hardship or frustration you encounter, the Lord is making you more and more like His Son. What a gift from your good, gracious Father.

    With love,
    Mrs. Beaver