Sunday, March 20, 2011

She's Coming Home!

We are making the last minute preparations before leaving in the morning.  We are about to begin the last leg to end Chapter 1 of the adoption.  When I say end Chapter 1 of the adoption, I only mean the portion dealing with the paperwork and bringing her home.  That portion has been going on for about 15 months and we are ready to end that phase and move on to Chapter 2.

So in a sense, it feels like we are at a major milestone.  The struggles of waiting, filling out paperwork, paying fees, waiting, filling out paperwork, paying fees (you get the point) are soon to be behind us.  There are many, many things that God has taught us through that stage, but we are so ready to move on.  We leave all of the preparation stages and head to the having-our-daughter-at-home stage.  We know there will be many hard times, many good times, many struggles, many times of joy, but there is no other place we'd rather be in life than where we are right now - ready to hop on a plane, ready to bring our girl home.

These are exciting times for us and at the same time, these are scary times for us.  We're once again loading up on a roller coaster that is about to take us on a ride, whether we like it or not.  And yet, we know that God is in control, and that we rest in His plans, His purposes.  His grace is sufficient for each day, for each need, for each moment.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, please pray for our little girl.  She is about to leave everything she knows (for the third time in her short life), and begin a new life with us.  We will not know each other's language, so life will be a challenge for a while.  Her heart will go through untold fears and anxieties, so please pray that God would reach down and calm her heart and heal her soul.  He is more than able.

We will be bringing our little girl home in a week.  She will be coming to a house filled with love.  She will be coming to a house that has parents, and brothers and a sister.  She will even be coming to a house that has a dog and a fish.  But mostly she will be coming to be part of a family and she will be coming to be part of a  home.  She will be an orphan no more.  She will be our little girl.  She will be one with us and we will be one with her.  She will comforted, cared for, held tightly, and loved.

She's coming home.  She will never be an orphan again.  Never.


  1. So happy that you'll all be together soon!! Hope you have safe and happy travels, and that your family's transition is as smooth as possible! God is good - may you all feel His peace and strength surrounding you this week and always!!!

  2. We will be holding you all up in prayer. Bless you in the days to come!

  3. You are all in our prayers! We are so excited for you and so anxious to meet her ourselves:) Jacque

    God is so very amazing!!!!!
    You will be the perfect family for Peaches!!

  5. Praise God for how HE sets the lonely in families... and thank you for your obedience, patience, and perseverence through it all!

    Praying for you Nordstrom family!

  6. Congratulations! Praying for safe travels and ease during your transition.

  7. chills all over. though i know she will have a lot of grieving to do, i'm so glad she can do it in your arms

  8. Praying for sweet Peaches and that the God of all comfort will hold her close and fill her with the peace that surpasses all understanding.