Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pictures of Peaches - We're changed forever!

Some of the pictures of Meddie Grace......our lives are changed forever!

 Meddie, Heather, and Meserat - one of the Special Mothers at Hannah's Hope (they are always warm and always smiling!)

The greatest traveling group around!  Three toddler girls going HOME!!!

The carpet that welcomes you to the Riviera Hotel in Addis.  Their spelling may not be the best, but their friendliness was flawless.

 What a smile!!!

 The three girls at the Addis Ababa airport getting ready for a midnight flight.  Everyone was watching them.

 Meddie at the Addis airport.  Soon to begin a 27 hour trip HOME!

 The three girls arrived safely at the Amsterdam airport!  Saying goodbye as they head their separate ways.  Looking forward to many reunions with those girls.  Meddie asks about them every day!

 Trying some oranges at the Amsterdam airport.  The egg McMuffin was pushed to the side.

 Still smiles after the first eight hour flight.

 The first night at home, ready for bed, united with her sister Sunshine.  What a bond that has developed already between those two!!!

 Life is good playing with Eddie Joe

 Air Hockey with The Big Fella in the basement is good too

 It takes a lot of clothes to go outside in Nebraska

 There will be many, many hours reading books on Momma's lap.  Life is good!

Injera and wat - complements of Tanya Henn - Thanks Ta!!!!


  1. Meddie is beautiful!!! I'm so happy for your family to finally be together. Thanks for sharing these happy pictures.

  2. So great to see your daughter and the two other ittle ones heading home in the airport! They are all so sweet! Thank you again for the pictures and for delivering the photos! Looking forward to checking in on all your progress with your newest addition!! We are all blessed!

  3. oh how i love seeing the pictures of meddie at home with her family! much love to you all.

  4. What sweet, and encouraging pictures. Praise Jesus these little ones are home!

  5. SO EXCITING!!!!!
    Now Nate will have a new person to ask,"Wanna play?"
    Can't wait to meet her!!!!

  6. <3 these pictures guys!! How amazing to get to travel with her friends. I know our travel group is already planning our get togethers with our kiddos =)