Sunday, April 3, 2011

Latest Pics of Peaches

Home for a week now.  Here's a few of the things that we've been up to.

 Playing with Play-doh

Playing with dolls

Some of the signs that were made for our Airport party.  There were many, many more.  So colorful.   A lot of the kids put many hours into making them.  We are so grateful and thankful for the warm welcome.

Momma and Peaches dressed for the cold weather

Peaches has really bonded with Sunshine.  It's been great to see the sista love!

She's trying a carrot here.  The carrot - she didn't like.  Sunshine - always brings her a smile.

 Peaches and her buddy Eddie Joe.  He's an amazing big brother.

Watching a moving while eating some popcorn.

 I told her I wanted to take her pic, and she walked right over and put her arm around Eddie Joe and gave a huge smile.

 She enjoyed giving some smiles while wearing one of Sunshine's headbands

 Each time we'd take a pic, she'd run over to the camera to look at the newly taken photo and giggle.

She also enjoys sticking her tongue out when the camera's around.  Goofy!

You've been home for a week now Peaches.  We look forward to experiencing many, many more new things together.  We look forward to seeing that smile for many years to come.  But we also know there will be many days when the smiles aren't there.  And we want you to know that we will be there for you and with you whether there are smiles or not.  Because we are your family.  We are your Mommy and Daddy.  We love you.  You are HOME!!!


  1. JOY, JOY JOY!!!!! So happy you are HOME!!!

  2. We LOVED seeing these awesome pics of your sweet peaches! :) The smile on her face is beautiful! So happy for your family of EIGHT!:) Have you been able to watch the DVD of your homecoming yet? Continuing to pray for you all often!

  3. LOVE!!!! Best pictures of a little girl whose heart is obviously opening to her new family. God is so good...even in the hard. I can't wait to show the pictures to Lidya...

  4. Michelle...yes...we watched the video today. Tell Ernie thank you, thank you, thank you!! He really did an amazing job with the video. All eight of us watched it and were so captured by all of the sights and sounds of what happened just one week ago. Thanks to you guys for the love and support!

  5. love the pix of your sweet girl!

  6. she is beautiful. Love her sweet smile. enjoyed your picture. Praising God for bringing her home. Blessings!

  7. She is beautiful. Congratulations on her homecoming.

    It makes me feel all gooey inside like a donut:)
    Love ya'lls so very much and excited to meet Peaches in real life...
    not just on the webcam:)