Saturday, April 23, 2011

Instructions for Rice Cooking? Well-done

So, Heather was making rice with her new rice making machine.  A friend recommended it as a way to make some easy food for Meddie.  It was the second time that she had used it and she noticed that it wasn't working very well this time just like it didn't work very well the first time.  And the crazy machine didn't come with directions either! 

I had just walked in the house from work while she was cooking the rice and I noticed a smoke smell.  I was mindful that my question might seem to insinuate something about her cooking, but still I wanted to know, "what is that smoke smell??? It smells like something is definitely burning???"  She said, yeah, she noticed it too.

So this new rice making machine that was recommended to make her life easier, didn't work very well, had a strange smell, and didn't come with any instructions!!

Here's a picture of the rice making machine:

So after fighting the smell through the second cooking of rice, she decided to dig into things a little bit.  After pulling out the metal bowl that the rice sits in, she was so excited to have found the instructions!!!

After turning them over, she realized what the burning smell was!!

The directions had been originally packaged in between the metal bowl that holds the rice and the burner that the metal bowl sits on.  The whole conundrum was figured out.  The directions were found, we figured out why it wasn't working well, and now the burning smell was gone!  Now, if we could just make out what those charred instructions say.......


  1. So funny! We have a rice cooker too and I will be the 3rd person to tell you that you will come to love it. Those instructions tell you exactly how much water per cup for each type of click the button and it clicks off when it's done! It's wonderful!

  2. Thanks for the laugh! For the longest time, we were using the beat-up rice cooker my husband had in college before we were married (over 10 years ago). It wasn't new then either, as he and his house-mates apparently found it in the house when they moved in. We are so used to the rice cooker, we had to google "how to make rice" when all we had was a pot while staying at my in-law's time share. Enjoy the rice!