Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Latest Pics of Meddie

Some new pictures of our Konjo Meddie.  Enjoy the look into our lives with our little girl.

Wearing a "How to Train Your Dragon" helmet and a "Cinderella" bib and eating pasta and drinking chocolate milk.  Life is good and yes, she's probably going to get spoiled.

 A smile for the camera showing off her earrings.  Her ears were pierced at some time in her past and so she occasionally likes to put in a pair of Sunshine's earrings.

 Whenever we try to pour her a glass of milk, she runs to the fridge and points at the chocolate syrup and says, "this one."  She will even go to the fridge and get the milk and the chocolate syrup out and begin to make her own - as she's doing above.  She is much, much more independent and willing to fend for herself than any of our other kids.  It shows some of the resourcefulness that she had to learn earlier in life.

Fun games with her brothers.  T-Bird's not sure what game they're playing here.  He only knows that he is supposed to lie still...she has four amazing brothers.

I had to include this pic of the Big Fella......because he's the Big Fella!

 Peaches eating some peaches

Today she discovered some of Katie's dolls from many years ago that we didn't even know we still had.  She had a lot of fun with them and even brought them in her stroller today when we took a walk.

So thankful for an amazing group of friends from our church!  Elizabeth came over today to clean.....she dusted throughout the house and cleaned our floors.  We can't say thank you enough!

So how's the bonding going?  It's going better, though we have a long way to go.  She was willing to sit in my lap since she was going to get her picture taken.  She's still not allowing much closeness, but I'll take this any day.  In the 3.5 weeks that we've been home, I've only had a few hugs from her.  But I know many more will come with time.  We have many, many years to get to know each other!


  1. praying for the day she will run into her daddy's arms with abandon and stay there basking in your love. i know it will come, though it must be hard to wait for. your loving patience honors her as she gets to the place she needs to be.

  2. We are praying so hard for Meddie's heart to draw close to yours, Mr. Nordstrom. We are also praying for your yearning Daddy's heart to be soothed and healed during this time of pain. We love you all very much!

    ~ Anna

  3. Missy - thanks for your thoughts and being there with us along the way! Can't wait for our little girls to be together sometime!

    Anna - We miss YOU!!!!!!!!