Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our Weekend in Pictures

Weekend highlights.....

Friday night was a perfect night for a fire in the backyard

 Peaches is always ready for a cup of tillick woohah (big water)

 She was excited that her cup could sit right next to her in the cup holder

 Eddie Joe loves to smile!

 T-bird, Rye Bread, and our dog Doofenschmirtz joined the fire too.  Sunshine wasn't with us because she was in Chicago with her High School choir.  We missed her!

 Doofenschmirtz even had his own chair.  This is probably why I was standing most of the night.

 Mother's Day included Cold Stone Ice Cream for supper.  There's really nothing wrong with that is there?  There must be some amount of protein in a "Cookie Doughn't You Want Some" signature dish, don't you think?  Besides, the diet starts next week, not this week.

 After "supper," we headed off to the park

 I asked her to smile and she immediately started making goofy faces.  I don't know about her!

 That's a girl who is having herself some fun

 Peaches hung around all night with her buddy Erna from Hennhouse Happenings

 And here's The Big Fella with his buddy Dash, also from Hennhouse Happenings

Peaches and Bear (yes, from Hennhouse Happenings)

The Henns brought home their two from Ethiopia almost four years ago.  To go along with their 4 bio kids, they also have six kids, similar to us.  This enables us to basically take over a park when we are together.  We always find encouragement from them when we're together since they have been down the adoption road before.  They are a great wealth of information and perspective for us.

Peaches has continued to improve in bonding and language.  We are thankful for the daily changes we see.  We know that God is at work and He is doing great things despite the many mistakes we have made.

I'm especially thankful for Heather today.  She does an amazing job with our six kids every day.  The love that she has for them continually pours forth from her into their lives.  It's been an even greater view into her capacity for mothering since Peaches came home.  I have seen an even greater strength and passion for her kids than I had thought possible.  Peaches has required a tremendous amount of effort during these first six weeks home.  And even though the work with Peaches never ends, Heather continues to move forward, pouring forth love into this precious little child.  I am very fortunate to have her as my wife and as the mother of my children.  Thanks Heather for being my girl!

And to my own Mom, thanks for all you have done and continue to do.  You are a great example of someone who has selflessly served her family for many, many years.  And even now despite the battle you are in the middle of, your strength is unquestionable, and the Source of your strength is undeniable.  I very, very thankful for you.  Much, much love to you Mom.


  1. We celebrated at Cold Stone when our dossier went to Korea. Your family looks like they have all adjusted so well--we love the backyard fire, too.

    (I would love to share your family's picture in our fundraising shirts if you can get one!)