Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pictures, Lots of Pictures!

A summary of what we've been up to.....

 Eddie Joe ready for Easter.  He loves his vest and tie.

 The whole fam together for our first group pic

 Peaches and her friend Jaynie, setting the table for Easter dinner at the Beavers' house.

 Peaches always enjoys a good laugh with Jaynie!

 Peaches and her good friend Oksana.  Continents united.  An African orphan and a Russian orphan united as friends in America.

 Baseball in the beanfield behind our backyard.  Since the field hasn't been planted yet, it makes a great place to play ball.  Peaches' choice of shoes were her Barbie high heels.  I'm guessing she didn't play baseball in high heels in a beanfield in Ethiopia very much!  Welcome to Nebraska, Peaches!  Welcome to our family!

 The high heels had to come off for her to really dig in.  She hits the ball off the ground like a golfer.

 Our hope is that God's peace will cover her even to a greater extent than the peace signs that cover her shirt.

 I think she's getting ready to steal third base.

 Definitely the new trend for baseball players this Spring.

 Love to see the brightness of her face!

 The Big Fella is always having a good time when there is a baseball game going on.

 Shoes are set aside and now Peaches is taking a great whack at the ball.

 Eddie Joe is up to bat, Rye-Bread is catching, and T-Bird is bringin' the heat.

 The big swing!  I think it's out-a-here!

 Grandma came to visit to meet Peaches for the first time.  We were so glad to have Grandma, Grandpa, and even my favorite sister Rachel for a visit!

 There's always music when Grandma and Grandpa come for a visit.  Rye-Bread is playing guitar as we sing "Marvelous Light." 

 Grandma has waited a long time to hold her newest grandchild.  And there's no better place for Grandma to be with her newest little girl than at the piano.  
(Not sure what's on Eddie Joe's mind!)

 Here's my favorite sister Rachel with Grandma.  Grandpa was already in the car ready to go!

 More pink and purple items were purchased at Wal-Mart today.  I'm really not sure how those items keep getting in the cart.  I'm certain it's not my fault but that I am being subjected to some type of Jedi mind trick by Peaches.

 Thanks Anh for doing laundry again for us!!!!  You can't imagine what it means to us!

 Dad shopping with the youngest three.  The trip included a stop at Starbucks for some donuts (and coffee for me)......

 .....A shopping extravaganza at Wal-Mart where Peaches' brothers taught her how to ride on the side of the shopping cart.....

.......And a stop at McDonald's for Chocolate Shakes!  Now that's a fun day!

Peaches has been home with us for a month and 3 days.  We continue to settle in, we continue to struggle, we continue to grow in to one another, we continue to love.  We are reminded daily of her difficult past and reminded daily of God's healing touch.  This girl that was at an orphanage in Africa is now drinking milkshakes and eating donuts with her siblings.  She's playing baseball in high heels, and she's wearing the latest girl's fashion designs from Wal-Mart.  I'm thankful for how God has blessed her already, how He's placed her in our lives, how we are made fuller by having her.  I'm thankful that God allowed us to have room for more.


  1. Awesome post, Russ! Please, please keep taking those photos and sharing them. I loved seeing your mom with Peaches, especially at the piano. We love all of you so very much!!

  2. These pictures are such a blessing to see your family growing into ONE unit and watching God build your family closer each and every day! We continue praying for your all.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful family. Beautiful God! I see a flower opening up...Lidya sees white tights and dress shoes she would like to have...ah....girls! Keep the pictures coming.

  4. So happy for all of you! She is adorable, of course, and you all look so happy.

  5. i love all of your pictures and Peaches' shoe choice!
    We'll be watching the Olympics and it will be the newest event!
    Baseball in Barbie High Heels!
    I'm so disappointed I didn't get to come with my mom and have a peanutty reunion and see Nate the Great, Ewik, Kate, and finally meet Peaches!(and of course Uncu Russ and Aunt Heather:D)
    See you all soon!

  6. You have a BEAUTIFUL family!!!