Monday, July 25, 2011

A Night of Things Ethiopian

In the midst of our overloaded summer, we were treated to a last minute invite from the Henns.  They were having a man from Ethiopia whom they had just met recently over for dinner.  It was an opportunity for us to get together and celebrate things Ethiopian.

We haven't had too many chances to party recently, so we were very grateful.  And once we found out that Ta was serving injera and wat, we were definitely in.

The friend whom the Henns had just met is a pharmacy student in the middle of his residency.  His name is Wasihun.  He was just finishing up a 5 week residency in Sioux City.  The Henns met him while chatting with their Dr., and in typical Henn fashion, they invited him over for dinner.  Who does that???  Oh yeah....the Henns.

Wasihun has an amazing story which I won't detail here out of fairness to him.  But, I will say that it includes tremendous loss at a young age, adventurous travel through multiple countries as he escaped the war-torn region of his country, self-learning multiple languages, finishing high school in a foreign country, and later putting himself through pharmacy school.  Did I say he is incredibly fascinating???  I could go on and on.  We were amazed by his tenancity, and yet his gentleness also.

We decided to go ahead and wear our Ethiopian clothes that we purchased in Addis.  It was a great night celebrating the Ethiopian heritage that our families share.  We have a great love for things Ethiopian -  having traveled there twice and having a beautiful Ethiopian daughter - it will always have a special place in our hearts.  It turned out for a great night.

Thanks to the Henns for their always-present hospitality.  In the midst of their many (is 6 a lot?) of kids, they always take time for those around them.

Here are some pics of the night.  I wished I would have taken more, but I was thwarted by batteries (or lack thereof)!

Peaches knew exactly what to do with the injera and pasta

She was so focused.  It reminded us of our time at Hannah's Hope, watching her eat with all of her friends.  Her face lit up as she prepared her injera and pasta.

She dug right in, shoving large bites, deep into her mouth

 That face can only be saying, "YUM"!

The Big Fella wasn't so sure about the injera, so he decided to go with the "pasta only" option

Peaches and her good buddy Giggles.  Everyone loves Giggles!

 Peaches and Heather, hanging out together in their Ethiopian garb

 Eddie Joe enjoyed the dessert!

 T-Bird and Rye Bread were sporting their Ethiopian football shirts

 Buzzard and Ta, along with Wasihun.  Wasihun went home with the injera and wat that Ta made, along with some Kola and some sweets!  Ta - thanks for the incredible food!

 Wasihun, me, and my girl.  Wasihun not only went home with some leftovers, he also went home having some new friends.  Thanks for the great night Wasihun!  We hope the best for you as you continue your residency.

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  1. Ohhhhh, what a wonderful summary of a terrific night. It would not have been the same without you AND your Ethiopian garb. I will NEVER forget you all jumping out of your car dressed head to toe with nothing but Ethiopian attire. Or Wasihun's face when you all greeted him at the door. Also, let us not forget the play the kids put on. The continuation of the Three Little Pigs...I asked Wasihun if he new this story and with a gentle smile replied,"No". I am sure this story will never quite sound the same for him...chuckle.. Thanks for making this memory with us.