Sunday, July 31, 2011

Senior Pictures....already???

It's hard to believe it's time for Senior pictures already.  It seems like just yesterday that we were holding our little preemie Sunshine in the hospital.  And now she needs Senior pictures?  How can that be?  My beautiful Sunshine is growing up quickly.  Her wonderful smile brings Sunshine wherever she goes.  I love you girl!

We were blessed to have our good friend Mrs. Beaver (from Unto Him We Live) take a few pictures (I think it was around 1,000 for the first sitting!) of our darling gal.  And while she had her camera out, we decided to have her snap some pics of our Konjo Peaches too.  We knew Mrs. Beaver would be up for the added person in the pictures since she has a wee-bit of a heart for kids who are former orphans (she and her husband have adopted 9 from Russia and 1 domestically).

As you can see, the two girls have some serious photogenic abilities (this from their unbiased father).  Their smiles lit up the photos....and trust me there are a mere 992 other pics with equally impressive radiance!

I'm thankful for my two girls.  They come from worlds apart, but have grown close and both bring joy to this Dad's heart.  Although one is biological and one is adopted, they are both equally a part of our family and are both loved.

Enjoy these 8 pics for now, and I'll try and include some of the other hundreds of pics in future updates. 

Oh.......and I'm told that there will be additional capture different seasons, different outfits, different hairstyles.  Really???  How things have changed in 20-something years!


  1. Your daughter's are beautiful! I am certain you are so proud that they call you Dad!

  2. AW SO ADORABLE!!!!!!
    Katie is getting sooo old!!
    I remember when she was BORN!!!!
    (Okay not really but I felt this was a good time to say it:))