Saturday, August 6, 2011

Seven Years Later....We Still Scream for Ice Cream

Now that's some good ice cream!!!!

It was almost 7 years ago that our Eddie Joe was born.  Two days before he was born, we went on our last outing as a family of 6.  The outing included a stop at a cool park in LeMars, IA as well as a stop at the Blue Bunny ice cream store.  After all, LeMars is the Ice Cream Capital of the World!

Tonight, we also made the same trip to LeMars and went to the same park.  And no, we are not two days away from giving birth again!

Enjoy the before and after pics.  We sure enjoyed reliving the moments.  Oh how much has happened in nearly seven years.  Who would have dreamed of all of the ups and downs we have enjoyed as a family.

Sunshine, Rye Bread, and T-Bird - livin' large in August 2004

Same three kids, same swing, seven years later.

Sunshine and The Big Fella.  How awesome is that pic!

Sunshine and The Big Fella again.  Love reliving these moments!

Heather (with Eddie Joe nearly ready to surface) and The Big Fella.

Heather and Eddie Joe on her lap (rather than in her lap) along with The Big Fella.

 Love those kids!

 Still having fun?  Oh yeah, all of the kids were playing in the park!
(great pic Sunshine!)

 Me and my girl

 The Big Fella!

 They are all in jail after being tagged by the Monster!

 T-bird - the Monster

 Peaches had a blast at the park

Eddie Joe loves a good park too

 The eight of us outside the Blue Bunny Ice Cream store in LeMars, IA

Thanks to Blue Bunny for a great night!

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  1. Love the pics!!
    The best part of these is that I can picture what noises my cousins are making in the pictures:)