Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Eddie Joe!!!!

Happy birthday Eddie Joe!!!  Even though this post is a day late, it's fun to look back at a cool dude who is now 7.  (I apologize that these are not in order.  One of those blogging struggles that is not worth the fight tonight!).

Enjoy these great pics of Eddie Joe.  He gets cooler every day.

This was taken on the day he was born

 Always cute.

He's always had a thing about climbing into tight places.  There was no telling where we were going to find him from time to time!

1st day of Kindergarten.  So excited to learn!

Time with the Big Fella and his sista

2nd Birthday.  Looking good in his new Huskers shirt.

Always hangin' out with the Big Fella.

Cuddle time with Grandma.

Maybe the only advantage to living up north.....there is a lot of snow to play in.  It's especially good with the Big Fella, T-Bird, and Rye Bread.

The day before his 3rd birthday, chillin' with the Big Fella, listening to their big sister's iPod.

Birthday #3!

If you could only understand the significance of Big Kitty Cat.  How he loved that cat, until she was lost on the plane to DisneyWorld.  Many tears shed......

Sunshine and Eddie Joe at the park in St. Louis.

Christmas present.....a Packers Helmet!

Welcoming Peaches home.  Together as a family of 8 for the first time!  Eddie Joe loves his new sister....though there are a few fights from time to time.....that should probably be left for another post....

At the Alamo!

Eddie Joe loves his bike.

Eddie Joe and Rye Bread at the Mall of America.

A couple of mean cowboys!

Eddie Joe loves to play in the sink!

He was so excited to find Donald at DisneyWorld since he had a Donald Duck shirt on!  And I think Heather cried when we took this picture.

Fun in the rain puddles is always good with Eddie Joe!

Did I mention that he has super powers?

Birthday #6.  That is some serious candle blowin' that's goin' on!

Excited about the new addition!

Eddie Joe with his friend Oksana from Unto Him We Live.

Our celebration of getting our Referral for Peaches.  We went to the nicest restaurant in town and had steak for the adults....and what did the kids order?  Chicken nuggets and hamburgers!  We even included a spot for Peaches' referral picture.  What a great night!

Eddie Joe was so excited for his new sister that he wrote out a note for her all by himself.  It says "Kom Hom Med E".  And even includes some celebratory balloons!

Eddie Joe and his good friend Kate at a wedding.  That girl is going to grab him someday!

Fun at Johnson Lake!

Jumpin' in with his sister.

At the Omaha zoo!

We love you Eddie Joe!  You always make us smile.  You always want to cuddle.  You always want to laugh.  We are so thankful for you.  We hope you had a great birthday!!!!


  1. Eddie Joe--You're such a gift from God! Our whole family loves you. Happy 7th birthday!

    The Beavers

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love you sooooo much:)
    I hope you had a rockin birthday:)