Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary! 23 years???

It's been 23 years and I'm thankful for my girl.  It started back in Lincoln where we met while we were attending school at the University of Nebraska (say it with me, "GO BIG RED!!!").

To help celebrate all of our amazing memories from those early years, we went to Lincoln to remember everything our 40 something year old memories can remember.  We may have been wrong about every fact we remembered, but as long as we both have fuzzy memories, it really doesn't matter.

Included in our memories was taking a picture in the Cornhusker Hotel on the same staircase that we had had a picture taken back in year before we were married.  We had only been dating for 6 months.

See if you can figure out which is the picture from 1987 and which is from 2011.  We're both fairly certain that we have not aged.

I know, I know.  Where did I get those goofy glasses.  Arghhhh, the 80's were kind of strange.  Don't you think that her blue eye shadow was mesmorizing?

Our view from our room at the Cornhusker Hotel included this:

We went to the Green Gateau for dinner (which I found out in the process of making a reservation on the phone as I asked them whether they had any desserts since their menu on the internet didn't show any desserts that "Gateau" means "cake" in French....oh, duh.....I guess you probably have plenty of desserts).  The food was phenomenal!!  If you're in Lincoln, you must eat there.

So this is a picture of my girl while we ate at the Green Gateau - Gorgeous!

Here's a picture of her out in front of the restaurant:

And this is a picture of my dessert....yes, I ordered the Green Gateau (which if you're an ignorant American you probably don't know that that means cake in French - I am well aware of that now):

They even serve Ratatouille.  Which if you've seen the movie, you know it's pronounced, "Rat Patootie."

We followed up our dinner with a very romantic movie - "The Rise of the Planet of the Apes."  Surprisingly, I didn't notice too many other couples celebrating their anniversaries at that movie.  Probably went to the later showing.

After spending Friday Night in Lincoln, we headed back home.  The amazingly cool thing about the trip was that we left all six kids at home by themselves.  Yes, all six kids at home by themselves!  It was the first time that they did an overnight by themselves.  They did such a great job that I can assure you there will be many more trips.  I'm thinking Europe!

On our way home, we stopped in Fremont to see my folks.  Dad is still recovering from his kidney cancer removal surgery.  He's doing well.  We called mom on Saturday morning and told her we'd be coming through.  She invited us for lunch and told us that she would put something together for lunch - we're thinking sandwiches.  When we arrive, she is pulling goulash out of the oven, has a nice salad prepared, and bread on a nicely set table.  You're amazing mom!  It was a great meal and great to see them.

I'm thankful to God for my girl.  Thankful for 23 years.  Looking forward to many, many more!

Love ya girl!


  1. Happy, happy anniversary, to our dear, dear friends!

    Denise on behalf of Jim


    The rise of the planet of the apes is an amazing movie:)

  3. so much to comment on. first, of course, GO BIG RED! second, the third, the picture man!!! fourth, really you came to lincoln and didn't even want to spend your anniversary getaway with the crazy kollars? :) and finally, happy anniversary. you guys wear 23 years well.

  4. Congrats on 23 years! Love the 80's style, and by the way, you have an amazing wife to willingly go see that movie on your anniversary!!!

  5. Well you haven't aged in we years, but you certainly dressed better in 1987! Congrats on 23 years of marriage! May the Lord give you many more!

  6. Yes Janet. I do have an amazing wife! Our first movie? Star Trek 4.

  7. HAhaha! Loved this! Happy (belated) anniversary! Glad you guys had that time away together.