Friday, October 21, 2011

Home again, oh it's good to be Home again!

 Houmas House - near Baton Rouge, Lousiana.  I ate dinner there last night!!!

After being gone the entire week in Baton Rouge on business, I am glad to be back home!!

What did I miss about life at home?  Well, let me tell ya.

I missed Peaches' smile that lights up the room and her humorous use (or rather misuse) of the English language.

I missed Eddie Joe's irresistible love of cuddling and his constant questions.

I missed the Big Fella's infectious laugh and his repeated requests to play computer games.

I missed T-bird's love of playing with his younger siblings and his love of finding things to worry about.

I missed Rye Bread's ability to play amazing guitar sounds and his inability to find anything that belongs to him.

I missed Sunshine's long, long hugs and her long, long stories.

And of course, what I missed the most, is being with my bride, being able to share life together, being able to embrace the chaos of our lives together.  Everything that I see when I'm traveling makes me think of her, makes me wish she was with me, makes me wish we were taking it in together.

Fortunately I'm done traveling for awhile. I'm thankful to be able to be back home, back with my girl, back with my family, getting life back to normal....whatever that is.

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  1. And we missed our Daddy and the way he makes us laugh!!
    Thanks for the post, Dad.