Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Passport Through Darkness"

Just finished reading the book Passport Through Darkness by Kimberly L. Smith.  Really a powerful book about the author's experiences and passion in establishing an orphanage in western Sudan near the Darfur region.  

There are a number of very sobering stories that are shared in the book - sobering in the sense that it is hard to imagine that suffering of this type is going on in our world today.  How can this be when we enjoy such affluence?  It is a grim reminder of the sufferings that people are facing and the hope that God provides in the midst of suffering. 

In a war-torn region where there was no hope, no food, no resources, no intra-country government support, Kimberly Smith - along with some Sudan nationals - built an orphanage to house 300 children who had suffered untold loss at the hands of Sudan Arabs from northern Sudan.  The story displays God's ability to overcome the worst situations imaginable.  He can overcome war, famine, disease, governments, etc.  There is no struggle that is difficult for Him.

It was also a reminder of what possible darkness our Peaches came from.  Since western Gambella has a lot of Sudanese influences, our minds have been drawn to better understand the people and political situation in Sudan.  It is a very desperate situation that many of the South Sudan people live in.  We don't know for sure many of the details of Peaches' life prior to becoming an orphan, but we do know that the many pains that she has endured - loss of family, culture, country, food, etc. - are more than a 4 (now 5) year old should endure.  We're struck by the resiliency that God has placed within her to be so "normal" after being exposed to a lifetime's worth of difficulties condensed to a matter of a few months.

If you have read any good books, let me know about them!  I am always looking for good biographical stories related to orphan care - stories that reveal the plight of the orphan and the ability of God to rescue, heal, and restore those who do not escape His eye.

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